2 thoughts on “Musical Traditions in the Middle East

  1. In 1998 in did Masters degree in Ottoman Art Music – at Middlesex University. Now doing Doctorate in philosophy of music – specifically the Music of Rumi. This entails writing a book which delves into the Egyptian and Greek origin (through Pythagoras) of the music of the Mevlevi Dervishes, which I have studied and played foe more than 30 years every week (I am now 65). I also explain, (by the use of Vedantic Philosophy understanding) how the music elevates the human psyche. I would be interested to prepare a paper for the conference – and even make it ilustrated with Turkish flute (ney) and drums (kudum) and singing the poetry of Rumi in the Ayin (whirling dervish) music. What do you think of the idea ??

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